Our History

The company first began in 1967 in the garden of the Adriani house, then in 1968 FAS was created. Originating from the inspired intuition of its founder, Antonio Adrian, with his ten drum single motor vending machine, FAS is still in the Adriani family and is synonymous with excellence, quality product research and, most importantly, service. The company is an undisputed leader in a niche market and the brand is continually evolving, making FAS one of the most important European players in the Vending sector. Now, for the new generation, the present and future of the FAS brand present challenges to be confronted with the same enthusiasm and passion as ever.

Italian Manufacturing

FAS products are manufactured exclusively in the factory in Schio (VI), Italy, a complex which extends over an area of 20,000 m2 and where the annual production capacity can reach 30,000 units without any specific further investment. Paying constant attention to the quality of the company’s products and manufacturing processes, FAS has achieved a series of important certifications in testimony to its commitment to quality, including ISO 9001 awarded in 1999 and ISO 14001 achieved in 2009. With these objectives in mind, FAS has chosen to follow the UNI-INAIL Guidelines for Occupational Safety.

Energy Saving and Respect for the Environment

FAS has always designed and manufactured its products with the environment in mind, producing energy efficient automatic vending machines with some models even reaching A++ classification. This is made possible by extensive research and implementation of advanced and modern technology.

Hot & Cold

Automatic vending machines for espresso coffee beans and instant hot drinks, characterised by a modern design, innovative user interfaces and advanced technology suitable for any destination, both public and private, for a coffee that tastes just like it does in the bar

Snack & Food

Automatic spiral or drum vending machines for soft drinks (cans, bottles), snacks and fresh products, with a striking design, advanced operator technology, low energy consumption and a simple and accessible user interface suitable for any market requirement

Special Machines

Automatic vending machines with different characteristics to suit particular requirements. Able to reheat products in a microwave or to store frozen products. Automated canteen .